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Do you have your own blog?
Do you find it hard to get traffic to your blog?

So, I would like to congratulate you because you have landed at the right page. You can verify the authenticity of the data provided by me because I myself (the admin of this blog) has an Adsense approved blog.

So here in this post I’m going to tell you about the basics of blogs. If the post becomes too long, I’ll try to break it into parts. Because you matter us the most and the moment you chose to visit your website, you did the right job. Because I’ll definitely provide the best possible methods to gain traffic and get your blog approved by Adsense to make cash.

So let’s start with the basics right?

The following are the important tools or websites for getting massive traffic into your blog which will give you money, the sites are :

 Google Search Console
 Pagespeed insights

When you create a blog, whom do you create it for?
Reader’s right? So what if I say your blog doesn’t reaches to your users, so what?

Yes Dear, it is the bitter truth 90% of time, if your blog isn’t popular, it won’t reach the target audience, by target audience I mean the people whom you want to read your blog. So first get your blog setup on Google search console, Google search console help you to index your website in Google search results, by indexing I mean that your site will start showing on Google search result. And when someone will search the topic on which your blog is, your blog will show up to them. will provide you an overview of the issues that are causing problems for your website to rank at the top. It also have many analysis tools. You know what I’ll make particular posts for every tool I’m mentioning, here I am giving only brief overview of the tools, by then you can try them. helps you analyze your website visitors like their location, age group, interests, the page speed of your website, the page which is affecting your website performance. Other tools, I’ll discuss in the particular post that I’ll make for it. will always keep providing you any information that you may need for boosting your blog performance, if you want post on any particular issue, just comment below and we will try to reply to the comment within the next 24 working hours. Rest be assured, we will strive our hardest to provide quality content to you.

Pagespeed insights will tell you how fast your page is and which problems are making your pages slow, so that you can work on them effectively and boost your performance.

That’s it for this post, meet you in the next post, comment and tell us if the post helped you.
This is your Admin signing off.

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